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More focus on software upgrades

Seeing PHP 7.2 roll out was great, some other things feel very inactive though:

- Redis
current version (3.0.6) was released end of 2015. Current versions is 5 and 4.x recently received important fixes via backports where 3 is not. Changelogs are pages long with bugfixes and missing out on new features.

- MySql
current version is 8.x with (good) structural changes and new features.
Percona also seems dated with hardly any talk about it besides their own blog (with benchmarking setups that raises questions).

What is the actual recommended way of upgrading this? As the app user lacks root/write access to /usr/local/bin for the "selfupdate" command.
Magento 2.3 being incompatible with older versions is making this somewhat urgent (havent seen higher than 2.2.0 even on servers ordered more recently).

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  • AdminHypernode Dev Team (Developer, Byte) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Bas,

    Thanks for the feedback! Regarding magerun2, we have updated it to 3.0.2 which supports Magento 2.3. If you need a newer version than what is available on the system you can always download the phar from https://files.magerun.net/ and add it to your PATH.

    About MySQL, we do have plans for upgrading to a more recent version but nothing in the short term. As of now upgrading to MySQL 8 would not be very interesting for most of our customers because of stability and compatibility reasons (at the time of writing that version is not even in the official Cosmic repos yet). But 5.7 is definitely on our radar, but right now we don't want to prioritize that over something like adding rabbitmq support.

    For Redis, could you tell us what specific features you need to run Magento that currently aren't available in 3?

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